Elemental Intrigue

Session 1: Accepting the quest

You have accepted Masnal Terif’s quest. He has sent you, along with a local eladrin named Meorum, into an apparently abandoned shelter carved into the mountainside that has been overrun with Kobolds. Claiming to be too feeble to deal with them all, he sends you to clear them out. He also mentioned, seemingly as an afterthought, some papers containing research notes. Delving into the cave, you have slain the tribal leader of the Kobolds, and found on his person the location of a secret door and the key to it on his belt. What lies beyond this door? Why are these papers so important if he nearly forgot to mention them?

Your story begins with a single summons

All of you, for reasons you are still unsure of, have been summoned by a man named Masnal Terif. This summons points you towards the frozen peaks the mountain village Frostbound. On the road, you meet others with a similar summons. All are unsure of the reasons behind it, yet all are determined to answer the mysterious call.


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